We are excited to announce that we are expanding!  We moved into 13 Jolina Ct (the Blue Seal Feeds building across from the Richmond Market) on Monday June 5th.  We will be taking the summer off from cooking in order to renovate the space and get ready for an exciting fall! Many people have been asking for our plans and the rumor mill is in full swing.  Here's the inside scoop:

Mission: Creating a space where everyone in our community can get the support they need in order to eat well.

We would like to create a welcoming space with a continuum of services.  We are creating a professional kitchen, a teaching kitchen, an event space, as well as a retail area where you can continue to pick up locally sourced frozen meals.  We plan on offering classes, workshops, movie screenings, community gatherings, pop-up dinners and more.  We've loved hearing all the ideas from people in our community and welcome your story - we truly want this to be a place that is open to anyone - please let us know below what your ideas are, or how you could use some support to get some healthy food in your belly!  Please include your email address if you'd like a response.

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