Prepared meals are our flagship service.

We source ingredients from local farms at the peak of the season and incorporate them into real, home-cooked meals. They’re not fancy. They’re what we feed our families on an average night. We do the shopping, prepping, cooking, and most of the cleaning up. You do the thawing, heating, and eating. These meals are for those nights when there just isn’t time to do it yourself from scratch and you don’t want to eat out.  Items are available in the refrigerator for a day after being made, otherwise all items are available frozen.


We are open for retail Monday-Thursday from 10am-7pm and Friday from 10am-6pm at our renovated space at 13 Jolina Ct in Richmond.  Please walk right in and see what's in our freezers!  Feel free to hang out in our space, use our wifi, and choose a record to listen to.  We don't offer food for immediate consumption, but we will help you stock your freezer for later in the week!


Our inventory is updated every morning, and when new items come out of the kitchen. Click below to see what's in stock.

We aren't currently offering online ordering, just stop in and purchase what you like!

Gift cards to RCK are a great gift for someone who just had a baby, is going through surgery or other health issues, or those who just need a break from making a good, local meal!