We are two friends, one steeped in the world of farms and food, the other in the world of medicine, both with a desire to eat fresh, healthy, and local. For a while we’ve been dreaming up a place where we can build community around food, by preparing meals together, by eating together, by learning together, and by supporting one another in the journey towards our very best relationship with food…together. As busy moms, we also want to create a source for quick meals that we know are locally sourced and healthy.

There are so many challenges to getting a healthy meal on the table.  If you could feed yourself or your family the perfect meal every night, what would it look like? What's getting in the way? Not enough time to plan, shop, or cook? Do new foods or techniques intimidate you? Are you stuck in a rut and need inspiration for new recipes? Do you have a finicky eater who is hard to please? Our goal is to create a positive food culture in our community by identifying the possible challenges and offering practical, sustainable solutions.  In the end, we just want to make it easier for you to feel good about the food you are eating and serving.


We strive to support local and regional farms whenever possible.  Our current sources include Jericho Settlers FarmLewis Creek Farm, The Farm at VYCC, Vermont Bean Crafters, Adams Turkey Farm, Slopeside Syrup, and Sweet Simone's.  Our list is growing every month!  Click here to read more.


Amy Gifford

Food is Love.  At least in the house where Amy grew up.  So many of her happiest memories involve food, from long-distance phone conversations with her grandmother about Lebanese-inspired recipes to standing next to her mother, hands in ground beef, learning the coveted secret to the perfect meatball.  Still today, one of Amy's greatest pleasures is feeding people, especially her family, good food.  For Amy, good means cooked from scratch, using fresh, whole ingredients grown nearby.  In her home cooking, her professional life working with Vermont Food Education Every Day, and now at Richmond Community Kitchen, Amy places the highest value on using ingredients that have integrity to prepare meals with love.  She can't wait to share them with you!


Susan Whitman

Some of Susan's earliest memories are of cooking.  From her mom baking Swedish rye bread (the counters would be full of loaves for both family and friends) to making jelly "puffs" with her sisters and cousins at her grandparents cottage, food was comfort.  She learned to cook for a crowd in the high mountain huts in New Hampshire and now enjoys exploring the local food scene with her husband and two boys.  In her career as a Physician Assistant and now as an Integrative Health Coach in private practice, she sees firsthand how eating well and being part of a community impacts our health and wellness. She is excited to offer easier ways for busy folks to get a healthy meal on the table.





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